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Product description

Color: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Orange, Red, Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Green, Cyan
Net Content: 3ml
Package Includes:12PCS Nail Paintting Pen

How to Use:
1. Please shake it well before used.
2. Press the pen tip vertically on the paper for 5-10 seconds to exhaust, you can also press the pen tip repeatedly until the ink flows out.
3. Please don't shake when using, lest the pigment spilled.
4. Cap the pen tightly after use to prevent the pen from drying out.
5. After the graffiti painting is finished, wait for it to dry before applying the nail top coat.

1.When the ink does not flow out of the pen tip or the painting is intermittent, you can draw on cotton or paper first, or press the pen tip until the ink is drawn out.
2.If you want to keep it longer, you can apply a top coat on your nails.
3.Do not shake the pen hard, do not expose the pen tip to the air for a long time, and do not operate on the nail surface with floating glue.

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